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What we do

Through our long-term partnership approach, we deliver Viable, Deliverable and Sustainable buildings to support quality care around the UK.

Assess future needs against capacity to deliver

  • Understand your vision for the services you want to deliver.
  • Assess local commissioning plans for the years ahead.
  • Review your existing premises to see if they offer the capacity for the service you want to deliver.

Identify the most viable solution

  • Determine options that provide better outcomes for patients and offer value for money to the local health economy.
  • Provide a thorough analysis of options and help you decide on your preferred solution.
  • Identify potential sites and layouts for a new building.
  • Support you through the entire process, from initial concept to final completion of your new premises.

Secure the NHS funding

We have a strong relationship with the NHS and a good understanding of their priorities regarding patient care and value. We work with you to develop a Project Initiation Document, build a strong business case, carry out feasibility studies, appoint and work with the professional team, local authority planners and the District Valuer in order to gain NHS Board approval.

Our investment

Our track record of delivering over 200 premises gives us the experience necessary to satisfy all investor requirements. Our long-term investment partners are specialist healthcare funds. Our shareholder Caledonia, one of the UK’s largest quoted investment trusts, also provides GPI with resources for larger-scale health and mixed use developments.

Find solutions for exiting existing premises

Where disposal of your current building is preventing the expansion of your practice, we will work with you to find a viable exit strategy.

Agree detailed specifications

We agree every detail with you, explaining the pros and cons of any decisions you need to make to ensure we deliver your vision. All drawings and specification documents are agreed up-front including bespoke data sheets setting out the fixtures, fittings and décor for each room.

Manage the process

We manage the project, liaising with all consultants and contractors involved and deliver a building according to the specification and standards agreed. Our ability to respond fast means that any issues are quickly resolved. The site, the building contractor and any associated financial risks are entirely our responsibility.

Work in partnership with you

We keep you in touch with progress to ensure you’re always engaged with your project. Where consultants and contractors require your input, we will guide you through decisions and co-ordinate with the other parties.

Minimise disruption during refurbishment

Where you are running your practice while major works are carried out, we are mindful of minimising disruption. We consult you about how to best phase the development so that you can continue to provide a good service to patients and minimise operational difficulties for staff.

Moving into the new building

A smooth handover is vital so that you can be up and running and welcoming patients to your new premises from the moment the building is completed.

  • As your moving date approaches, we liaise with the contractor to ensure you can access the building to make any final preparations.
  • We provide training to ensure staff understand how to operate systems in the new premises.
  • Before the building is handed over we carry out a thorough inspection and make sure any issues are rectified before you move in.
  • We offer a flexible lease in line with NHS guidance, allowing for incoming and outgoing partners.
  • We are always available if you have any queries as you become more familiar with your building

Maintenance and buildings management

Our investment partners are long-term specialist owners. Your maintenance agreement can be tailored to give you the level of service and support you want and your GPI Property and Facilities Manager is only a phone call away.

Flexibility for the future

Your new flexible accommodation is designed to serve you and your patients today and in the future. Now you can start implementing your business plan and expand your GP practice or add to the range of services you offer.

Keeping the running costs down

Sustainability is a key factor in all our projects. We will deliver a building that conforms to the highest environmental standards, is easy to maintain and energy efficient.