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CCGs – Strategic Estate Review and Option Appraisal

New Primary Care Facilities

  • Integrated Care Hubs / Health & Wellbeing Centres
  • Enables integration between primary, secondary & social care providers
  • Platform to deliver transformation plans
  • Built-in technology capability
  • Enable care organisations to grow and expand services
  • Short-term leases (10+ years)
  • No development risk or fees

Sale and Leaseback of Primary Care Premises

  • Short-term leases (5+ years)
  • Equity release for GPs
  • Simplifies succession planning & helps recruitment
  • Streamlines complex ownership structures
  • Removes barriers which can prevent or delay transformation plans
  • Facilitates move into new premises in the future

Existing Premises Expansion, Modernisation & Utilisation

  • Provision of future expansion space
  • Funds for property improvements, extensions & refurbishments
  • Supports additional services, mergers & acquisitions
  • Modernise outdated & inefficient premises
  • Assistance with filling void space

Disposal of Surplus Property

  • Reduces notional rent expenditure
  • Generates capital receipts
  • Removes inequalities in estate
  • Helps with service redesign
  • Redevelop surplus property / sites and share future revenue gains with NHS/GPs

Long-Term Estates Partner

  • Provide on-going support and advice
  • Estate rationalisation to help facilitate service integration
  • Review current and planned services against current estate provision
  • Ensure value for money and efficiency

Facilities Management

  • 24/7 help line
  • On-going maintenance support
  • Friendly & pro-active team


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